What is the Personal Guardian?

The Personal Guardian is a discreet wearable monitored alarm that sends the Police to your exact location, alerts your pre-determined phone contacts and via a recording gathers evidence to assist the Police.
Personal Gaurdian


How does the Personal
Guardian work?

The Personal Guardian can be worn on a trouser belt loop, clipped to a bra strap and concealed under clothes or clipped to a lanyard therefore it can be used by anyone.

The Personal Guardian connects via low energy Bluetooth to your smartphone. When you activate your Personal Guardian by simultaneously squeezing both side buttons, The Personal Guardian connects via your smartphone to our Alarm Receiving Centre. Highly trained operators listen to the situation and determine if it is a real emergency. Using their Unique Reference Numbers for the Police forces across the UK they will send the local Police to the user’s exact GPS location as a Level 1 response.

The Personal Guardian works with a smartphone app available on Android and iOS devices. In the app you can enter in your chosen emergency contacts and customise your Personal Guardian’s settings.


Who is the Personal Guardian for?

People concerned for their
own personal safety and the
safety of their loved ones

The Personal Guardian will be available for individuals to buy either for themselves or to buy for a family member direct from our website. You’re never alone with the Personal Guardian. Enjoy peace of mind 24/7, 365 days a year for you and your family.

Companies with a
duty of care for their lone
and at-risk employees

The Personal Guardian also assists companies to adhere to their duty of care to their at-risk or lone working employees. The Personal Guardian is monitored by Unipart Security’s UK based NSI Gold Category II Monitored Alarm Receiving Centre (MARC) which is also accredited to the highest lone working standard BS8484.


Our Story

Rebecca Pick was in her penultimate year of university when her neighbour was attacked. Unfortunately nobody came to the rescue. This horrific incident made Rebecca think that there should be a device that people could wear, that when activated would provide a response.

After conducting market research, Rebecca realised there was a definite gap in the market for an affordable alarm backed up by police response, for both personal use and for companies with a duty of care to their lone working employees. With increasingly stringent Health and Safety legislation this is a major growth market. She launched a new company, Pick Protection to develop and bring this product to market, winning several business start-up competitions including Santander Universities competition for Best Undergraduate Business in the UK. Rebecca also raised funding from an angel investment syndicate.

The Pick Protection team now includes experts in technology, security, marketing and strategy and in October 2016 Pick Protection raised a significant investment to launch the Personal Guardian in the UK and scale the business.

“I am very proud of the product we’ve created and hugely appreciative of the support and backing we’ve had to bring the Personal Guardian to market,” said Rebecca Pick, CEO of Pick Protection.

“The Personal Guardian offers a unique level of personal protection that doesn’t just give peace of mind to the wearer but also to their families.” It also gives employers an accessible, affordable way to protect the people who work for them, and that’s a growing area of concern across a whole range of sectors, from more obvious situations where employees may be vulnerable, such as healthcare workers visiting patients in the community, to financial employees who may be preyed on as they travel to and from their place of work.