Facilities management

Lone worker security solutions for facilities management

When carrying out maintenance, workers oftentimes find themselves lone-working in empty buildings which can leave them vulnerable to assault and personal injury. The Pick Protection Personal Guardian Alarm can offer assurance to both you,…

Retail & Deliveries

Here at Pick Protection, we believe that lone workers should never feel alone. Our Personal Guardian products ensure that even if you work alone in a small store, you can feel safe and secure. We can provide lone-worker security solutions to lone working retail staff….

Local authorities

Local councils, and the staff that make up the council, often find themselves working alone. Whether it’s visiting clients, tenants, or small trade jobs, lone workers are common within local authorities. It is vital to both the worker, and those that manage them that all security steps are put in place….

Housing associations

When visiting service users, lone workers can sometimes find themselves in concerning, dangerous or even simply intimidating circumstances. Although difficult visits are part of the job at hand, feeling scared or intimidated at work shouldn’t be. This is where we step in….


Are you a lone worker? You may be without even realising it. Working alone can put you in a vulnerable position, and it may be more difficult to summon help if things go wrong, or if your health and safety is at risk….


Establishing a safe working environment for lone workers can be different from managing the health and safety of your other employees. As an employer, you have a legal obligation to protect your employees at work, which includes assessing the risks lone workers face and putting measures in place to control,…