Am I a lone worker?

Are you a lone worker? You may have previously thought that the answer to this question was a resounding ‘no’. You work in an office; in a school with colleagues teaching in the next room; you clean buildings with a group of other cleaners….

Financial Services

Lone worker finance sector

When handling considerable amounts of cash and working with devices that may hold valuable data, many lone workers within the finance sector find themselves feeling vulnerable and exposed to criminal attacks. This fear is only amplified for staff when moving money or taking devices out of the building to another secure unit for a period of time….


Personal Guardian for Utilities

Working within the utilities sector often means visiting the homes of customers alone to take readings, install hardware or perform general maintenance tasks. This comes with an element of risk that, while being part of the job,…


Lone-working security solutions for hospitality staff

Hospitality staff face a wealth of risks when completing work – from facing minor injuries in the kitchen to manning a busy reception desk alone with no support. But one thing they should never be concerned about is personal safety….

Facilities management

Lone worker security solutions for facilities management

When carrying out maintenance, workers oftentimes find themselves lone-working in empty buildings which can leave them vulnerable to assault and personal injury. The Pick Protection Personal Guardian Alarm can offer assurance to both you,…

Retail & Deliveries

Here at Pick Protection, we believe that lone workers should never feel alone. Our Personal Guardian products ensure that even if you work alone in a small store, you can feel safe and secure. We can provide lone-worker security solutions to lone working retail staff….