Local councils, and the staff that make up the council, often find themselves working alone. Whether it’s visiting clients, tenants, or small trade jobs, lone workers are common within local authorities. It is vital to both the worker, and those that manage them that all security steps are put in place.

This is where Pick Protection steps in. We believe that all staff should feel safe, secure and confident no matter what their position is. We believe that help should always be a button press away and that is why we created the Personal Guardian.

Do you have more lone workers than you think? Find out today!

Pick Protection can guarantee lone worker safety

Pick Protection offer three Personal Guardian lone worker protection products:

  • Personal Guardian alarm
  • Monitored app
  • Personal Guardian self-monitored app

The Pick Protection Personal Guardian alarm and monitored apps are monitored by Unipart Security’s UK-based NSI Gold Category II Monitored Alarm Receiving Centre. Pick Protection are accredited to the highest lone-working standard – BS8484.

Our monitored products connect to the Alarm Receiving Centre and following the alert, staff within the centre can pass any emergencies onto local police at response level 1 – no matter what, your employees are safe and connected with our Personal Guardian products.

Our Personal Guardian alarm is the smallest, lightest lone worker safety wearable tech on the market. It can be easily attached to any item of clothing – even lanyards – to ensure complete discretion. The connected app, whilst being highly intelligent, is still entirely accessible and very easy to use.

We offer a free, no-obligation trial of our monitored app! This gives you the opportunity to truly experience the app and get an insight into how beneficial it is for employers and employees alike.

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