Personal Guardian Monitored App (BS8484)

Easy to use, cost-effective and reliable, our Personal Guardian Monitored App is ideal for any lone-working staff and their managers.

Here at Pick Protection, we believe that lone workers should not only be protected from potential dangers that come with their jobs but feel protected. This is why we’ve created the Personal Guardian Monitored App.

The app is high-quality, high-function but also accessible – it can be used by anybody with a smartphone, quickly and easily. It can help you adhere to your duty of care as well as modern health and safety standards with ease and assurance.

The Personal Guardian app is monitored by our BS84848 accredited alarm receiving centre. It allows employees to summon help when necessary. This is done through small, simple steps:

  • The alarm is activated on the app
  • The phone then connects to ARC
  • ARC listen to the call, pass on any vital information to the police, emergency contacts or whomever your company deems appropriate

Looking to find out more? Contact us today to see if the Personal Guardian Monitored App can help you and your business!